Metallic Watch Bracelet Manufacturer

Family business Company

Since its foundation in 1971, Winox SA, a family business, has worked relentlessly to satisfy its clientele.

With origins, both in Switzerland and in Asia, Winox SA offers a combination of traditional know-how, innovative technologies and well managed production. From a sketch to the final product, Winox SA is a trustworthy and competitive supplier of metallic watch bracelets and watch components.

Managed by the third generation, the Swiss company has remained independent and has stuck to the values that have led to its reputation: reliability, highest quality, attention to detail and overall expertise.

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Precise execution Production

Winox SA masters each process of the metallic watch bracelet production. Precise execution, high-level experience with industrial machinery and flexibility are the foundations of our production in order to guarantee customer satisfaction.

The production facility in Asia, situated in the Guangdong Province, employs close to 2,000 employees and has a size of 50,000 square meters. The production floor is equipped with the latest in high tech machinery and can satisfy the most challenging quality standards.

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Substantial expertise Products

Throughout the years, Winox SA has acquired substantial expertise with regards to metallic watch bracelets in stainless steel, steel/gold or with PVD coating. Alongside Winox SA also offers clasps or butterfly folds and buckles for leather bracelets. The company's know-how additionally extends to the production of costume jewelry.

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Solutions for each demand Services

At Winox SA, the client is always the center of attention. In an effort to satisfy the client to the fullest, we offer to accompany the client from "A to Z," from conception of an idea through to the delivery of the final product. We make an effort to find innovative solutions for each demand throughout the product development cycle.

The different services on hand at Winox SA within its Swiss Headquarters include R&D, technical support, material sourcing, logistics and aftersales service. We also manage quality control, stock management and product packaging locally. Our commercial and technical team in Bienne links our Asian production site and our client's requests.

Thanks to our partnership with STL Swiss SA, we are also able to propose watch bracelets that are made in Switzerland.

STL Swiss SA

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